Improve Compliance & Data Quality

Data syntax checks and 360° cross-type data analysis via our proprietary algorithms

Centralized storage of regulatory data

Easy to use cloud database that supports data analysis and full audit trail for data & documents

Make sure distributors sell your products

By making data & documents available according to distributors' requirements

Ensuring that your products are on the radar of Nordic Distributors

Become a member of the FundConnect Infrastructure

FundConnect’s Nordic Fund Data platform is a centralized fund information hub and single point of entry used by over 150 Nordic Distributors. Distributors accessing information from Nordic Fund Data use it in connection with regulatory requirements that must be adhered to at the point of sale or for analytics or product sales information.

By delivering data and documents to FundConnect, your product information can be integrated seamlessly within any of the Nordic Fund Data data sourcing services for distributors.

By taking the next step and entering a membership with Nordic Fund Data, you can leverage on the existing data flow, by:

  • Having us provide additional data checks performed using our proprietary algorithms, to add an additional level of compliance and quality.
  • Being able to deliver data in alternative formats that are not compliant with our reporting standards.
  • Using our centralized storage facilities and online browser based platform to store and monitor Masterfile data, country of registration matrix, MiFID and PRIIPs data.
  • Having us act as a central distribution hub, facilitating distribution of your information throughout the Nordic Countries.
  • Using our platform as a document depository and historical archive and receive fixed links to all of your documents, to facilitate automatic updates on your web page or other publication solutions.
  • Including your funds within our analytical portal solutions used by professional investors, which are used for compliance and fund comparison.
  • Making sure that all of the distributors that access information from us directly, will receive the data within their customized solutions for free.
Both Nordic-based and foreign funds that want to increase their ability to visibility and sales within the Nordic professional segment can have their funds included into our infrastructure.

Data Types



Data quality

Run your data through an additional compliance filter

Cost reduction

Use us as a data help-desk for all data inquiries from 3rd parties

Data consistency

360° data analysis across data types


Data subscribers receive all of your data for free

Single data input

Store all your data centrally – service all distributors


We help you meet new regulatory data and technical requirements

Data Distribution Process

1. Client provides list of recipients

2. We perform requirements analysis with recipients

3. We inform you what data you need to provide to us

4. Client delivers data to us

5. We implement outgoing feeds according to requirements

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